Please have a look at my efforts to walk the talk, from no salt no grease cooking, here’s some of my ways to go organic and all natural in ways I can. I will explore a lot other more of these simple general healthy living. I am a work in progress myself and struggling to practice it just like some of you.

Enjoy browsing and reading……

Chives… hmnn how to save all these.

I harvested the chives and thinking how to preserve an use it for winter.

Chives ready to dry and save in a jar later for soup and dishes.

Lavender at our front yard.

Lavender leaves and stems slight crushed.

Inside a jar with olive oil… need to store for a month and use as massage oil

Some final harvest cherry tomatoes at our backyard plus some mix herbs…

Potted spices to save indoor before winter.

Overgrown broccoli at our back yard. Hmmnn .. I harvest and make it a side dish tonight

Time flies.. it’s already dinner time. Menu for dinner? Backyard Menu . Let’s start with steamed overgrown broccoli.

Baked chicken fillet with chives and garlic. seasoned lighty with peppercorn and rock salt.. (no oil used to braise nor brush but its still moist and tender)

That’s all about my day off today-It was so much fun