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Titanium 19/9-7PLY


Our cooking system is engineered to cook so you don’t have to. The enhanced full body 7-ply Thermal Core construction, unique to our cookware, distributes heat evenly. That means, no pot watching or stirring. Meals are ready fast because food cooks from all sides, not just from the bottom. Our precision vapor seal creates a vacuum, locking in moisture and flavour. After dinner, our durable non-porous cookware is designed for fast. Easy clean up.

The Seven Layer Difference

By using advanced metal-working techniques and the 7-ply on all sides, It has layered pure aluminum and the finest surgical stainless steel available to create cookware that is unequalled in efficiency and durability.

Buy quality once, benefit for a lifetime

It is an investment in quality demonstrated by our lifetime warranty. Our cooking system saves your family time and money by using lower heat and less cooking time, which means lower energy bills. It encourages families to dine at home with faster, easier, tastier meals. With our minimum moisture, vacuum sealed cooking system, food shrinkage is reduced, resulting in more bang for your grocery dollar.

Effortless healthy living

Make health a priority in your home with highly nutritious and delicious meals. Superior heat distribution minimizes the need for moisture and heat, thus, maximizing vitamins and nutrients in your fruits and vegetables. With zero to little grease and oil, low-fat cooking becomes effortless. The 19-9 7ply surgical stainless with titanium is non-reactive, providing assurance that your cookware is safe and is not leaching chemicals or metals into your food.

Moisture Seal and Vapor Lock Whistle

Engineered moisture seal locks in flavour, nutrients, and aroma.
• Helps prevent dry, tasteless food.
• Improves nutritional value of your meals.
• Cooks faster even using less heat
3-in-1 Whistle, Lock, Vent
• The whistle indicates that your food has reached the proper cooking temperature.
• The vent setting allows you to release vapor without whistling
• Choose the lock setting to lock in moisture, nutrients, and flavour.

Great flavour guaranteed

Low-moisture cooking retains and maximizes the natural flavour of your food. Our vacuum seal ensures tender, juicy meats and lively, colourful vegetables, thereby eliminating the need for butter, salts and other additives.

A real vacuum cookware

All foods naturally contain water. A sufficient amount of water is already contained in most vegetables and fruits. Our all-in-one cookware seals itself to maintain these liquids during the vacuum heating process. The vapour then cascades down from the center of the pot lids over your foods bathing them in their own juices. By cooking with vacuum cookware the delicate water-soluble vitamins are preserved, as are the minerals, which help retain the natural flavour of foods.

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