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The most important element in cooking just like most things is constant practice. I am not a professional chef but as a home maker I try my best to do what I can do to prepare meals at home that would nourish the family and at the same time save money. To buy cooked food, oven ready meals or just heat up meals are way expensive than those fresh and from scratch ingredients from the supermarket. Not to mention that preservatives of those ready and just heat up foodies are not good for your health.
The recipes I compiled here are popular and easy to follow. I made it a point to simplify the ingredients and procedures so that even the most not experience individuals can cook at home. The ingredients as well are very common and not hard to find anywhere in the world.

These recipes are meant to those who own Titanium Surgical stainless steel all-in-one-cookware 7-ply construction on all sides (bottom-side and cover). For those who don’t own these cookwares, you may have to do adjustment on the cooking procedures or on some recipes, especially on baking cake, it cannot be done.
Below are the basic tools needed to be able to make these recipes:

Preparation plays an important rule in our cooking. Even if the cookware cooks really fast but your food preparation tools won’t support fast preparations, it will drag the total time of the whole food preparation process.

For vegetables and fruits, we use the SIMPLE V KUT with 5-cones. Mostly I use cone #1 and #4 in these recipes;


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For meat and poultry we recommend you invest on our premium Hammer Stahl Knives. Dull and poor cuts of meat and poultry makes preparation slower and badly cut meat affects the over all recipe quality.
In most of my recipes here I just used my all around 7.5 Santoku Knife. This Japanese general-purpose knife can work wonders;

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Two types of cooking tools I used in these recipes.
1. Stove top cookwares
It is of different sizes in which the Large skillet is the most I used in these recipes:

2. The 12” Liquid Core Skillet with Dome Cover.
I used this for the Chili Chicken, Stirred-fried Noodles and the Vegetable and Fruit Cake .

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