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Main Entrees


Ingredients: 5 portabella mushrooms, half chopped sweet bell pepper, 1pc chopped tomato , half chopped onions and chopped chives.
To taste: Peppercorn mill and light soy sauce.
Optional: Sliced zukini and cherry tomatoes

a. Pre heat at medium fire. Using any wide bottom pot, brush light oil on the bottom and put the mushrooms and sear for a minute.
b. Add the chopped mushroom stems, bell pepper, tomatoes, onions and chives. Also add sliced zukini and cherry tomatoes (optional).
c. Cover with whistle open and after the whistling, turn fire to low and bake for 7 minutes.
d. Season with pepper and light soy sauce to taste.Serve.


Ingredients: 1 ½ lbs sliced tenderloin beef, 1 lb broccoli, a pack of sliced mushrooms, chopped onions and pound garlic gloves.
To taste: A jar of ready made brown sauce or make your own.

a. Pre heat any size skillet (preferably Jumbo Skillet at medium for 3 minutes.
b. Add the beef. Shortly after once the natural oil comes out, add the garlic and onion to brown. Once it whistled, close the whistle and turn the fire to low and baked for 15 minutes.
c. Turn the fire back to medium whistle open and add the mushroom and broccoli. After whistling, close the whistle and let it cook for another 2 minutes. Serve.


Ingredients: chicken thighs and sweet chilli sauce
Optional: leeks and parley

a. Preheat the fillet in the Electric Skillet at 350F or Large Skillet at medium . Add the chicken thighs. Leave the cover crack to fry without oil for 7 minutes.
b. Pour out the excess oil, turn the chicken and close the cover for another 7 minutes.
c. Pour the sweet chilli sauce and blend a bit. Add the leeks and parsley and cover for a minute. Serve.


Ingredients: 3 pcs chicken breast, bundled chives, 1 pc garlic break into gloves and cherry tomatoes,
To taste: Rock salt and peppercorn mill

1. Pre heat large skillet at medium. Put chicken breast and sear one side.
2. Flip the chicken and add bundled chives, garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Baked low fire for 15 minutes. Serve.


Ingredients: Two slab baby back ribs, 1pc garlic peeled, sliced onion leeks and cherry tomatoes (optional)
To taste: Salt and pepper mill

a. Pre heat Electric Oil Core Skillet at 350F. Drop the ribs to sear for 3 minutes.
b. Flip the ribs and turn the fire to 215F and cover to bake for 25 minutes.
c. Turn back the fire to 350F. Add the rest of the ingredients. Crack the cover and wait until done at 3 minutes. Serve.


Ingredients: Salmon fillet, light mayonnaise and low sodium soup mix
Optional- Chives and Parsley to garnish

a. Put the fillet in the Electric Skillet or Large Skillet. Brush with light mayonnaise and sprinkle low sodium soup mix on the top.
b. Put to 350F or medium fire and cover with the whistle open. After whistling close the whistle and turn the fire low to baked for 7 minutes.
c. Open the whistle and turn fire to 350F or medium and add the garnish of chives and parsley (optional). After whistling turn off the fire and serve.


Ingredients: 2 lbs Prime rib, potatoes, onions and garlic
To taste: Rock salt and peppercorn mill or brown sauce on the side

a. Pre heat the Jumbo Skillet on medium on top of the stove. Leave the cover crack open and sear the prime rib.
b. After searing turn the fire to low and flip the rib. Add whole potatoes, whole onions ad whole garlic. Let it roast and bake for 3o minutes.
c. Sliced the rib and serve with rock salt and peppercorn mill OR brown sauce on the side.
Note: for more guide watch this link: Click Here..


Ingredients: 2 salmon heads chopped, chopped onions and chopped ginger
Optional : Peppercorn, yellow s weet bell pepper, chives, leeks and cherry tomatoes
To taste: Oyster sauce

1. Line the chopped onions and ginger at the bottom of the skillet and put the salmon heads on top. Sprinkle peppercorn.
2. Put the fire to medium and wait for the whistling. Once it whistle turn the fire low and steam for 7 minutes. Add the rest of the Ingredients and put the fire back to medium. Let it whistle and done. Serve.

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