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Care And Use

Congratulations on your new investment!

This marks the end of your cookware expense. These are not just any pots and pans. It is not disposable. It last forever. It serves as your steamer, oil-less deep fryer, bakeware, roaster and slow cooker –ALL-IN-ONE COOKING TOOLS!
It is very important that you will be guided on how to properly use your new investment. I encountered some bad reviews in the web and by just reading it I can tell that the new owner are not fully brief on the care and use of the products. As an owner of this state-of –the art cookware for almost a decade, I have fully use and utilize the multi-function of the cookware. I would like to share this experience with you.
Read on the tips on how you can fully enjoy your new investment . If you have further questions feel free to CONTACT US.

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