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The Way To Success Is Healthy Cooking

Passion, as they say, is the most effective elixir that drives you to success. But in cooking, you just can’t go by your own taste. You need to top it off with all the right ingredients, and the right tools.

We are is blessed to have known this influential woman who has made healthy and delicious cooking her lifetime commitment. Ms. Claris Minas Manglicmot is currently the proud Filipino owner of an international business venture that offer range of healthy cooking tools — Essential Health Canada, Inc., which she started cultivating from Canada market and up to her global expansions in Middle East and Southeast Asia.

As managing director, Claris, as fondly called by many, is super hands-on when it comes to client service, sales, marketing, accounting, as well as recruitment and training of staff. She also contributes to communities by cooking for free and donating products to promote awareness on healthy cooking.

Growing up in the green and hilly province of Bukidnon, Claris is the only girl and the youngest among his five brothers. She graduated Cum Laude and earned a college leadership award in 1992 for her degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Mindanao State University. She later pursued Public Relations and Business Administration in London School of Public Relations and finished with distinctions in 1998.

Claris relates that she started as a bartender/waitress in a five-star hotel in Manila when she was 21, and her last employment was as sales and marketing manager at a resort and convention center in Subic at the age of 27. Aiming to raise funds for the less-fortunate people living in Indonesia’s slums, she then volunteered at Women’s International Club in Jakarta with the ambassadors’ wives and expatriates circle for five years. With the help of the Columban sisters and St. Paul sisters in Lahore, Pakistan, Claris spent another four years organizing leisure activities and events for OFWs, particularly Filipina housemaids, who are in need of funds or just seeking healthy distraction to keep them sane.

Following her involvement in volunteer works for Filipino communities, Claris eventually took the back seat and became a full-time mom to her 17-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son as they moved from one country to another as expats. She and her family are currently based in Canada.

It was in 2007 when fate led Claris to Dubai. She considers “patience, resilience and focus” as the major stepping stones that brought her to where she is now, although she still humbly regards herself as halfway through success.

She also expresses her own share of frustrations in Dubai, like “the difficulty in conducting business operations, the complexity of the processing of license, and the do’s and dont’s.”

Claris adds that, despite all these, she has seen so many people who have prospered and had considered Dubai as their second home.

“I enjoy being here when I am in town,” she remarks.
When asked to describe her lifestyle in Dubai, the posh mom says, “Mostly work. I rarely go around. My main purpose of coming is to cook.”
She further admits, “It has been my goal to bring to Dubai and eventually to the whole GCC this healthy lifestyle by simply cooking at home.”
One could readily presume that being the only rose among the thorns was where she got her passion for cooking. Ironically, Claris confesses that she never liked to cook. “All my friends know that I am a food-take-out queen. I became a changed person after I was introduced to these kitchen tools that made home cooking easy. And not just that — healthy and delicious,” she proudly shares.

“Doing this business is not easy,” the kitchen magnate says. “If I don’t have the passion, if I don’t have the deep intention of converting all moms and dads to cook for their kids and family, I won’t survive. Imagine me pulling a huge suitcase full of cookwares from home to home here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Kaima, Fujairah, name it, I have been there. Not in the tourist spots in each of these emirates, but to private homes, cooking. I want to show to families how easy it is to cook simple but delicious and healthy dishes.”
Claris encourages all to start practicing as early as now the art of healthy home cooking for a healthier lifestyle. “Set short term and long term plans and stick to it. Dubai is a nice and gracious city, but at the end of the day, we will all go home to whatever place we call home,” she says.

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